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Parenting Forward

Apr 20, 2020

One of the biggest concerns I see among parents undergoing faith deconstruction is the desire or need to find a meaningful community. This week, Casper ter Kuile joins me to discuss how parents can find community in a post-religious world. Casper is the co-host of the popular podcast, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. He's also the author of The Power of Ritual. Casper serves as a consultant to individuals who are exploring and interpreting the changing landscape of community and spiritual life. 


If you are asking questions like, "How do I gather with others, so my children have a solid community?" Or "How can I feel a sense of belonging if I no longer hold to my previously held religious convictions?" These are real concerns for many people, as spiritual demographics change drastically within this generation. Casper offers an insightful and helpful perspective on these topics. He's such a dynamic person, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.


Show Highlights:

  • We discuss the true definition of community and why we crave it so much.
  • Community is a conveyor of belonging.
  • Casper offers why it's easier to connect when we're vulnerable.
  • We talk about the podcasting community and how it is changing how people gather.
  • The fluidity and freedom in relationships in today’s world is ever-changing. 
  • We can cultivate a sense of commitment and connection in our children's' lives; one way to do that is to be committed and to be there for them.
  • We are living in a golden age of myth-making where these epic stories of good and evil are being played for us on big screens with ever-increasing frequency. So if we look at that as religious behavior, you know, religion is all around us. We don't call it that.
  • We talk about rituals and ask, "What ritual would you like to have had in your childhood?"


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