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Parenting Forward

May 11, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we wrapped up the Parenting Forward conference.  Today, I’m going to air some highlights from the conference so that you can experience some of the best parts of the speakers too.


It may feel hyperbolic to say the conference changed my life, but in many ways, it did. Not only were the conversations I had with the speakers so incredibly life-giving, but the experience of going live with the attendees and engaging with them more intimately reminded me powerfully of how listeners of this podcast are full, powerful human beings with families, jobs, and hobbies. 


Please go check out each of the speakers’ work: follow them on Twitter, buy their books, and let’s continue to be in conversation about parenting with healthy spirituality.


Show Highlights:

  • Barbara Brown Taylor shared six different ideas parents can help to re-enchant the world with our children.
  • Next up, Casper ter Kuile shared the problem we all are facing as a culture of loneliness, and how we can begin to address it with ritual and belonging. 
  • Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg talked about how we find theology and profound spirituality in the act of parenting.
  • Lauren Duca discussed the different ways that young people have been boxed out of connection to a sense of agency.
  • Next up, we had Danny Cortez, who talked about parenting and the patriarchy.
  • Rev. Jacqui Lewis helped parents to tell a better story for their children. Our job is to be story weavers or to midwife a story to help a child midwife a story, to own an account, to change a story, and to be transformed.
  • Micky Scottbey Jones discussed Enneagram and Parenting. Sometimes Enneagram spaces can feel very white and evangelical, so I appreciated having Micky’s perspective as a certified Enneagram instructor. 
  • Jessica Taft goes through five different assumptions, how to become aware of these assumptions, examine them, and disrupt them. 
  • Rachel Goble and Matthew Paul Turner talked about the ethics of telling children’s stories. 
  • Last, but certainly not least, Science Mike shared with us what it’s like to parent after faith deconstruction.


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