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Parenting Forward

Oct 19, 2020

Resistance is spiritual. However, what’s spiritual is spiritual too. That’s why I brought on someone whose career vocation it is to invest in the spirituality of children. 

Katey Hage is the children’s pastor of Quest Church, a diverse church in Seattle founded by my friend Eugene Cho. Katey and I have vocational passions that intersect. Having grown up in a predominately white Christian church environment, when she first experienced God in diverse communities, something shifted inside of her. She was deeply drawn to the image of the multi-cultural Kingdom of God. 

Today, Katey and I are talking all things kids, ministry, and spirituality. Tune in to hear her origin story and how she gives the children she ministers to spiritual agency.

Show Highlights:

  • What made Katey want to become a children’s pastor.
  • How she has wrestled with feeling subversive in her role.
  • How she defines healthy spirituality.
  • Why spontaneous authentic spirituality is better.
  • Advice for religious people who want to honor their children’s spiritual agency and quest.
  • How to raise your kids with healthy spirituality when you have religious triggers.
  • The most important issues facing children’s ministry today.
  • How the church can do better at respecting kids and treating them as fully human.
  • The new curriculum they’re developing at Quest.


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