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Parenting Forward

Oct 26, 2020

Those of you who listen to this podcast are people who are very active and engaged in the political process. I tend to be a political junkie myself. However, the 2016 election devastated me and I wasn’t interested in dragging my mental health through that ordeal again. So I haven’t been as engaged this time around.

That being said, I’m still a firm believer in being engaged in responsible citizenship and I know that journey begins at home. That sense of empowerment for the political process has to start when our kids are young. That is why I brought special guest John Shallman onto the podcast. 

John is a political campaign strategist. He is also the author of the debut novel, Return From Siberia, a story about politics and family. I was so honored to have John join me for this conversation. Tune in to hear incredible advice from someone with many years of experience in politics and campaigning.

Show Highlights:

  • How John’s career as a campaign strategist intersects with his novel.
  • His experience growing up in a tight-knit political community.
  • How he ended up becoming a consultant.
  • How to enfranchise children for the political process while also telling them they can’t vote.
  • Practical tips for how parents and schools can engage children in the political process.
  • How to explain to kids that not everyone thinks the same way.
  • How to encourage healthy debate when the national discourse sets a bad example.
  • How to help our kids consume media and discern fake news.
  • The balance in raising skeptics who still have a sense of wonder about the world.
  • How to engage kids in politics in a way that fits their personality.


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