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Parenting Forward

Oct 26, 2020

Those of you who listen to this podcast are people who are very active and engaged in the political process. I tend to be a political junkie myself. However, the 2016 election devastated me and I wasn’t interested in dragging my mental health through that ordeal again. So I haven’t been as engaged this time around.

Oct 19, 2020

Resistance is spiritual. However, what’s spiritual is spiritual too. That’s why I brought on someone whose career vocation it is to invest in the spirituality of children. 

Katey Hage is the children’s pastor of Quest Church, a diverse church in Seattle founded by my friend Eugene Cho. Katey and I have vocational...

Oct 12, 2020

It’s never too early to talk to kids about equality. From an early age, we should give them the tools and language to see themselves and interact with the actual realities of the people they will encounter in their lives. This is incredibly important work and something that Lindz Amer does so well.  

Lindz Amer is the...

Oct 5, 2020

A few episodes ago, I hosted a show with Cam Lee, a transracial adoptee and mental health professional. We talked about issues surrounding transracial adoption, white saviorism, and the movement to adopt from orphanages internationally. Heather Askew, one of my listeners, reached out to me and she works with NGOs that...