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Parenting Forward

Oct 1, 2018

“Domination is built by binaries.” My guest today explains why the race conversation in America is often flattened to the black and white binary and erases other race and mixed race folks. Sharon Chang is an author and race activist and we have an interesting and informative conversation about her mixed race family and how parents of all children can make the world more kind and inclusive for mixed race children.


One of the most critical things is becoming aware of stereotypes that are levied against mixed race children, and she gives us examples of how it presents in car commercials, DNA testing commercials, and in popular animation film Big Hero Six.


We talk about the importance of listening and not projecting mono race expectations on mixed race children, and centering the stories and histories of mixed race people. For example, did you know more than 700 people were interned during the Japanese American Internment Camps during WWII?


Sharon is whip smart, friendly and relatable, and it is important that we hear her story.


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