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Parenting Forward

Dec 31, 2018

I’ve long admired the work done by Ashia Ray in her book curating website called Books For Littles. Her list of children’s books that help children understand privilege is TOTAL FIRE:


She opens up about her own story and why she started doing this work. We talked about why books are a disarming way to talk to children about hard topics like privilege and oppression. I asked her how we can help change the problem of the children’s lit industry being majority white and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Rick Riordan has actually done a great job of leveraging his own fame to boost the stories of those who live a marginalized existence - how encouraging! Ashia shares her favorite book list and children’s books, but her heart and soul shines through this interview.


Links (affiliates included):

Ashia Ray’s website, Books for Littles -

Rick Riordan Presents


Book list for Misfits -


Drawn Together by Minh Le -


Spork by Kyo Maclear -

Books for Littles Patreon -


Deb Reese of American Indians In Children's Literature (focuses on Indigenous representation)


Zetta Eliot - example of a self- & micropress-author working to fill the creating books beyond the big 5 publishers


Lydia X.Z. Brown - Speaking on experience of being a trans-racial adoptee


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